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Who can a Chiropractor (Chiropractic) help?

  • Babies The birth process is one of the most physically, chemically & emotional stressful events that we go through in life. Cranial sacral therapy has been incorporated in order to balance the body & optimise repair mechanisms. When the mobility of the cranial sacral system is restricted or altered because of injury, symptoms may appear. It's particularly valuable in treating babies & children.
  • Growing Pains can often be associated with joint restriction.
  • Teenagers & Adults who spend hours slumped over a desk or at a computer, anyone coping with the tensions & stress of day-to-day work. Poor posture (repetitive strains) & ongoing stress increases the strain on muscles, joints (especially the neck) & the nervous system. Chiropractic can't remove stress but it can help you handle the demands on your body enabling you to cope better.
  • Pregnancy results in the softening of ligaments & postural changes often placing strain on the pelvis. This commonly creates low back pain or aggravates previous spinal problems.
  • Elderly when growing older the body tissues are unable to adapt & repair as efficiently as in youth - the muscular & joint aches develop. Chiropractic maintains mobility in your later years, reducing the risk of osteoarthritis. If you have arthritis we can still help with your pain symptoms.
  • Athletes of All Levels place more bio-mechanical stress on the skeletal system. Injuries are common & respond well to chiropractic care, speeding up your recovery time. Over all performance is also improved with regular visits. By removing nerve interference, muscle strength & co-ordination are improved thus increasing performance.